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UHER Classic Service

Repairs, Sales of Parts and Accessories

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Authorised HWK establishment, authorised service agent

UHER 4200 Report Monitor UHER Tonbandgerät SG561 Royal UHER Mini-Set Stereoanlage UHER Netzteile Z124 Report und Z131 CR

Hilmar Krüger
Lindenallee 21
31535 Neustadt a. Rbge.


Tel.: 05032 966704
Fax: 05032 966705
E-Mail: uher-classicservice@t-online.de

Our commitment to you
Contact us by phone or email to discuss the service you require.
When we receive your equipment we will give an initial diagnosis.
We will then give you an indication price.
If you can’t deliver in person the equipment can be sent by post or courier at your own risk.
Please ensure that appropriate packaging is used.

Hours of business:
Mon – Fri   08.00 h – 16.00 h (German time)

Our service covers all equipment that was produced or sold by UHER.
Additionally we have an extensive range of spare parts and accessories and provide a full service
for the following models (if your particular model is not listed below we’ll be happy to advise you):

UHER Tape Recorders, reel to reel
Royal de Luxe, SG560, SG561, SG562, 782S, 784S, 782E, 784E
SG630 Logic, SG631 Logic
Variocord, 23, 63, 263, SG520, SG521
Stereomatic SG 510, SG 512
Report, Report L, Report S, Report Stereo, Report IC, Report Monitor, 4000, 4200, 4400
1000 Pilot, 1200, 4100 Report Synchro

Universal, Universal 5000, Universal Lehrgerät, 6000 Report Universal
HIFI Special 22 und 24
702, 702L, 704, 704L, 711, 711L, 714, 722, 722L, 723, 723L, 724, 724L, 724 Stereo, 742L

UHER Cassette Recorders
Compact Report CR124, CR134, CR160, CR210, CR240, CR260, CR1600, CR1601
CG300, CG305, CG310, CG320, CG321, CG330, CG333, CG340, CG344, CG350, CG355 CG356, CG360, CG361, CG362, CG365

UHER Tuners
EG705, EG720, EG721, EG722, EG725, EG726, EG730, EG732, EG735, EG740, EG750, EG751, EG765

UHER Amplifiers
VG20, VG30, VG805, VG815, VG820, VG821, VG822, VG825, VG826, VG830, VG832, VG835, VG836, VG838, VG840, VG850, VG851, VG865

UHER Power Amplifiers and Power Supplies
LG105, LG130, Z140, Z141

UHER Receivers
RG250, RG260, RG270, RG280, RG350

In the event that original genuine parts are unavailable it may be that we can offer generic parts of a similar quality.
Here is a chronological display of UHER tape recorders: